All events of Nicolas Barro Coaching are based on the didactic principles of the association ALBA and are geared towards professional as well as non-professional persons.

The sequential, modul-based structure is meant to allow laymen as well as veterans an easy access to the relevant contents.


Basic Course

The basic courses of Nicolas Barro are equivalent to the didactic two-year training of the Association ALBA. Whilst the training of ALBA consists of twelve consecutive modules, Nicolas Barro offers the Basic modules 1-4 in independent courses.


This is geared towards anybody who is applying knowledge in counseling or support as a profession or private. Many different professionals have attended the Courses of Nicolas Barro Coaching. The first three Modules are open to anybody, but we strongly encourage to getting in touch with anatomy and physiology, as they are indispensable when participating basic course 2.


The sequence of the basic courses is designed in a way, that at first, technical knowledge and basic skills need to be present before including knowledge that needs to be handled responsible.Each module consists of four consecutive days of about 7 hours.


The goal of the basic courses of Nicolas Barro is to allow the application of the knowing of origin and course of each biological program in a responsible manner and sense of support within professional margins. At the end of the basic courses, meaning after succeeding the twelfth module (which is not yet available in german language), the applicant shall be able to get the most of success with the lowest effort for the client, by knowing the mechanisms of biology and applying them. Who seeks general applications or healing promises will be disappointed.


The contents of the basic courses offered by Nicolas Barro are structured as following:


1. Basics of the five laws of nature according to MD Hamer (BK1)

1.1 Basic concepts, connections, taxonomy

1.2 exclusions, limits, dangerous convictions, dangerous refusal of treatment

1.3 the biological conflict, definition, interactive examples

1.4 conflictual content, definition, interactive examples

1.5 the law of the two phases

1.6 the non-existence of "healing"

1.7 the law of tissue systematic (the ontogenetic systems of the biological programs)

1.8 entry to the rules of the various tissue/brain/conflict levels

1.9 exam

1.10. project work





The one-day-seminar of Nicolas Barro is a crushed down package full of practical examples and the most important formulas for getting an eye on the application of the five laws of nature. Within the seminar, the basic concepts are being explained and you have the possibility to ask all the questions keeping you busy.




Keynotes of N. Barro offer a brief preview of how and what the application of the five laws of nature imply. It is the most easy way to get a glimpse of the possibilities and impossibilities that the knowledge about the functions of nature offer us.